KOREA UNIVERSITY Global Leadership Development Center

Global Leaders' Round Table

The Global Leadership Development Center (GLDC) hosts the Global Leaders' Round Table to provide discussion forums where Korea University and international students can collaborate together to network and exchange their opinions and share their ideas regarding current global issues and cultural matters.

1. Multi-Cultural Round Table

In coordination with the Office of International Affairs, the GLDC hosts a Multi-Cultural Round Table by reinforcing global leadership skills through a cultural and global context. The Multi-Cultural Round Table provides an opportunity for international students to showcase their culture and share knowledge about their respective countries, promoting understanding, exchange, and cooperation with fellow students.

2. Global Issue Round Table

The GLDC hosts the Global Issue Round Table for students who are interested in current global issues. Through the Global Issue Round Table, students are provided with the opportunity to openly discuss global events and actively debate and exchange their opinions. In addition, students can collaborate on ways to come up with viable solutions that can make a global impact, which requires practical and analytical skills that a global leader must possess.