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  • Leadership Mentor Interviews
리더십멘토인터뷰 소개

In order to remain competitive in today's world, students cannot merely focus on their GPA, standardized tests, or academic certificates. Students must possess a competitive advantage among a growing number of capable students and develop the tools needed to keep this edge; therefore, it is vital for students to focus on other areas to advance their skills in order to become global leaders.

The Global Leadership Development Center (GLDC) provides students with the opportunity to address any areas of weakness they may possess by taking advantage of the Leadership Mentor Interview Program. Through this program, they can interact with experts and professionals from all professions, and be provided with an opportunity to meet with these professionals, ask questions, and build valuable networks.

멘토 인터뷰 활동

The GLDC's Leadership Mentor Interview Program has a number of goals: First, students will identify the mentor's strengths and leadership qualities. Second, these interviews will allow the mentors to interact and provide personal advice to Korea University students. Lastly, the relationships gained between professionals and experts with Korea University students will provide them with further networking opportunities. It is our hope that through this program, it will inspire students to identify the skills that are the most important and relevant to them, and utilize these skills as future global leaders.

Student participants involved in the Leadership Mentor Interview Program will form interview teams and collaboratively work together to select mentors, create interview questions, and conduct interviews of experts and professionals from various areas of expertise.