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The 4th Model Asian Union

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The 4th Model Asian Union
The 4th Model Asian Union, hosted by the AECF (Asia Economic Community Forum) and supported by the city of Incheon and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, invites college and graduate school students from around the world! Competition will take place through two different leagues of English and Korean, and participants in the two leagues will be evaluated and rewarded separately. The winning team from each league will be rewarded by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the runner-up by the Mayor of the Incheon Metropolitan City. The 4th Model Asian Union will provide a venue where the participants’ opinions about various issues regarding the formation of the Asian Union, as well as the economic, political, and cultural cooperation and integration among the Asian nations will be presented.
○ Date
Nov. 2nd (Fri) ~4th (Sun), Nov. 8th (Thu), 2012
○ Venue
Incheon University, Incheon, Korea
Hyatt Regency, Incheon, Korea
○ Prize
1st place: Award by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, prize money: 1,000,000 won
2nd place: Award by the Mayor of the Incheon Metropolitan City, prize money: 500,000 won
○ How to apply
All college and graduate school students from around the world are eligible for application. Two participants must form a team to choose either the English or Korean league to compete in. Participants should submit proposal papers on the following three topics during the application period, which is the basis of presentation and discussion during the competition. Also, the proposal paper should be submitted appropriately according to the choice among English or Korean league. As well, we specify that there is no necessity for the team members to be within the same college or graduate school.
○ Registration fee
Early:  90,000 won per person
Regular:  120,000 won per person
○ Topics
1. Membership of the Asian Union
-> What would be the criteria (region, value, economic status) of selection for nations that want membership? Explain your rationale.
Region (Central, northeast, south, southeast (ASEAN), Australia, New Zealand – would you integrate some or all? Explain why)
2. Structure of the Asian Union
-> How would we select the leader of the Asian Union?
-> Create a set of institutions of the Asian Union and explain your rationale, as well as the institutions’ individual purpose.
3. Needs and Feasibility
-> Describe why we need an Asian Union as well as how it will be feasible between the member states.
○ Registration Period
1. Early registration
Proposal paper submission: Aug. 6th ~ Aug 22nd
Announcement of competing teams: Aug 20th
Payment of registration fee: Aug 22nd
2. Regular registration
Proposal paper submission: Sept 17th ~ Sept 30th
Announcement of competing teams: Oct 1st
Payment of registration fee: Oct 4th
* Registration may be closed more quickly if enough participants have enrolled.
* Free accommodation and meals, as well as certificates of participation will be provided to the participants.
* For further information, please visit our website mauion.net. Note that the registration site will open on the 6th of August.
Facebook page: facebook.com/4thmau