KOREA UNIVERSITY Global Leadership Development Center

KOREA UNIVERSITY Global Leadership Development Center

HPAIR 2012 Asia Conference Scholarship Program

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HPAIR 2012 Asia Conference Scholarship Program
The Global Leadership Development Center (henceforth GLDC) will be offering scholarships to
KU undergraduate and graduate students who are planning to participate in HPAIR 2012
Asia Conference (Taipai).
1. HPAIR 2012 Asia Conference
(1) Period: August 24th ~ 28th
(2) Location: National Chengchi University, Taipai
(3) Theme: Challenges and Prospects: Envisioning Global Transformations
※ For more information, please visit the HPAIR website (www.hpair.org).
2. Qualification and Requirement
(1) Qualification: All applicants must be a KU student who has been accepted and completed the registration for the 2012 HAPIR Asia Conference.
(2) Scholarship information:
-The GLDC scholarship in the amount of 400,000 won will be awarded to approximately 7 
students respectively.
-Scholarship will be awarded in the form of a bank transmission (titled KU scholarship) after 
the HPAIR has been commenced.
(3) Requirement: Students must submit an essay based on personal experiences that he/she has gained from the 2012 HAPIR Asia Conference. The essays will be posted on the GLDC website to share with prospective HPAIR participants.
(4) Orientation: Before departure, a meeting with former HPAIR participants will be arranged by the GLDC. All recipients are kindly asked to join this meeting where he/she can network with other students who have already participated in the conference to gain practical information on HPAIR.
3. Application and Selection Procedure
The following three documents should be submitted to GLDC via email “gldc@korea.ac.kr
no later than July 31st Tuesday.
(1) A completed Application for the Scholarship (refer to the attached file)
(2) A document that proves you have completed the 2012 Asia Conference registration
    (Please attach the receipt or payment letter from HPAIR, etc)
(2) A copy of academic transcript
※ No late application will be accepted.
4. For further information, please contact us at 3290-2691~4.